High Performance Membrane Products


Membrane technology is widely used in water and wastewater treatment. Leader has positioned ourselves at the forefront of membrane manufacturing and application with the introduction of Ti Membrane , developed with the successful integration of Ti nano crystal with advanced membrane technology, a breakthrough in the membrane industry with superior fouling and performance control. The quality of membrane is superior, with extended service life span.


Hollow fibre membranes possess advantages of both polymer and Ti nano crystal. The unique manufacturing processes allow in-situ growth of Ti nano crystal on PVDF surface with zero peeling tendency. Permanent hydrophilicity solves the bottleneck of membrane fouling and performance degradation.

The modular design allows easy installation and customization of membrane properties, a great advantage in developing customized solution for industrial wastewater treatment and is a revolutionary upgrade in membrane manufacturing.Leader's Ti membranes build new efficiencies and competencies and help propel companies towards advanced manufacturing.

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