Artificial Intelligence Water And Energy Management

With over 20 years of experience in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, our team has in depth experience and knowledge of the characteristics of different wastewater from petrochemical, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and integrated industrial parks. We have developed innovative and cost-effective technologies and successfully treated various kinds of highly complex wastewater.

Artificial Intelligence Water Management uses machine learning, digital control technology, real-time data collection and analytics to optimise solution, support proactive decisions and increase the efficiency. Unlike typical digital solutions, it includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning, predictive and early intervention capabilities.

Common challenges in wastewater treatment:

• Costs to meet stringent compliance standards (energy consumption, chemical costs)
• Potential non-compliance to save costs
• Reliance on individual experience and judgment
• Lack of precision in process technology management

Energy and chemical consumption easily account for over 60% of the treatment cost. There is a need for process optimisation to reduce cost in the wastewater treatment industry.

Leader focuses on proprietary high-tech AI technology for intelligent water and energy management. With rich experience in realizing energy saving and cost reduction for water treatment plants, the company integrates AI, algorithm models and proprietary concentration gradient theory to achieve informatization, digitalization, intelligence and automation of water treatment plant operations while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and achieving maximized energy saving and cost reduction.

AI Water Technology Characteristics

Leader’s superior AI Water technology can predict wastewater treatment performance, achieve intelligent control of treatment processes, and deliver cost savings.

Through machine learning algorithm model and function optimization AI Water technology is continuously improved and iterated, so that each wastewater plant has a dedicated, professional, and tireless AI Water “Dr. Water” on site. It can simulate key indices and operating parameters of different sections under various operating conditions according to the algorithm model, so as to optimize energy and chemical consumption while ensuring compliance, and at the same time, promptly provide expert diagnosis solutions for abnormal operating conditions and provide guidance to operators to make adjustments to realize self-operating optimization of the system.

AI Water Proposition

Technology Overview

1. AI Water Quality Prediction and Operation Simulation

2. AI Smart Aeration (AISA)

- Up to 35% reduction in energy consumption per ton of water
- Dynamic algorithm, dynamic intelligent optimization
- Refine operation management of different sub processes

3. AI Smart Chemical Dosing (AISCD)

- Up to 70% reduction in consumption of chemicals
- Dynamic algorithm
- Dynamic intelligent iterative optimization

4. AI Process Optimization (AIPO)

- Refinement of entire wastewater plant into different modules that can be optimized separately or coupled into an integrated system
- Dynamic algorithm, concentration gradient management
- Dynamic intelligent diagnosis and process optimization to achieve compliance, energy saving and consumption reduction
- Identification of the root causes of abnormal discharge parameters in water plants and emergency process adjustments

5. AI Smart Data Management (AISDM)

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