Smart Water And Energy Management

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

With over 20 years of experience in industrial wastewater treatment, our team has in depth working knowledge of the characteristics of different wastewater from petrochemical industry, textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and integrated industry park. We have developed innovative and cost effective technologies and successfully treated various kinds of difficult wastewater.

The main features of our industrial wastewater treatment technology are:

1. Membrane Fenton Advanced Oxidation Technology

Improved Fenton technology with greater efficiency and can reduce amount of Fenton sludge produced.

2. Generation of Oxygen Using Molecular Sieve Technology

Uses in-situ generation of high purity oxygen from air to produce ozone, significantly reducing the chemical cost of ozone advanced oxidation technology.

3. Converting Sludge into Carbon Source Using In-Situ Hydrolysis Technology

Uses biochemical process to generate the carbon source from sludge for use in TN removal.

4. Generation of Carbon Source by Pre-Treatment Combined With In-Situ Hydrolysis of Sludge

Pre-treats sludge by addition of chemicals to destroy the cell wall and undergo further in-situ mainstream hydrolysis process to generate carbon source.

5. In-series Fenton Oxidation Technology

Produces the concentration gradient of substrate and reagent, optimizes the reaction conditions and maximizes the efficiency of reagents, thereby improving the COD removal efficiency.

6. The Treatment of the THP-Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Liquid

Achieves high removal efficiency of the THP-anaerobic sludge digestion liquid to meet stipulated standards.

7. Technology for Effective Removal of TN and Optimization of Carbon Source Dosage

Ensures effective removal of TN to meet the discharge specifications by optimizing carbon source dosage and reducing cost.

8. Application of Concentration Gradient Concept to Optimize Energy and Chemical Cost

Allows optimization of energy and chemical cost in wastewater treatment plant.

9 Short-Cut Nitrification and Denitrification Technology for Anaerobic Liquid Treatment

Effective removal of TN and ammonium from anaerobic liquid to reduce energy cost and carbon source cost.

10. Electrical Plating and Printed Circuit Wastewater Treatment Technology

Enhances the removal efficiency of heavy metals from wastewater, reduces the operational cost and optimizes the following biological treatment process.

11. Short-Cut Wastewater Pre-treatment Technology

Organically combines the process of fine screen, de-gritting and primary sedimentation to realize reduction in area required by pre-treatment facilities, reduce odor emissions and reduce investment in pre-treatment facilities.

12. Powder Activated Carbon Adsorption and Re-generation Technology

Removes recalcitrant pollutants from wastewater through powder activated carbon adsorption to meet discharge specifications. Utilizes high-efficiency adsorption function of powdered activated carbon while effectively solving problems associated with the high sludge production.

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